Happy Valley S1E1: Protag/Antag screen time – Acts 4 & 5

In this post we looked at Acts 2 + 3

Now let’s check Act 4.

This act takes a different shape to the previous act as we build towards the climax of the episode.

First of all, we meet Ann, the main victim, for the first time since mid way through act 1 (scene 8). And it is the first time we spend time with her alone.

The next 3 scenes cut between the antagonists and the victim in short bursts, as we lead up to their showdown in Act 5.

Finally, before we propel into Act 5, we have by far the longest scene of the act (2.05) between the protagonist and the episode’s main antagonist – Lockwood and Weatherill.

Finally, Act 5.

What can we notice?

  • Scenes weigh heavily in favour of  antagonist & victims at 5 with a total time of 9.32
  • There are 3 protagonist scenes but with a total time of only 1 minute 57.
  • There is only 1 scene with antagonists alone with a time of 0.53.
  • There is only 1 scene between protag and antag at 0.46. (NB This is where Lockwood sees Lee Royce in the street. They don’t actually meet.)

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What do you think?

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