Happy Valley – S1E1: Protag/Antag screen time – Acts 2 + 3

In the previous post we looked at Act 1.

In this post we look at Acts 2 + 3.

As we can see in Act 2, the balance of scenes are fairly equal between protag and antags.

The victim only appears in the final scene, together with the main episode’s antag.

The balance of time between protag / antag / victim is very well balanced: 2.21 / 2.20 / 2.58.

Now let’s look at Act 3.

What do we notice here?

The balance is heavily weighted in favour of the protagonist and dedicated to the episode’s B story – which in fact is the A story of the season – the son of the main antagonist being the grandson of the protagonist (extremely complicated and intricate story telling).

We can also notice that none of the victims appear in Act 3. The entire act is dedicated to protag and antags.

Acts 4 + 5 to follow.

What do you think?

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