MA Mod 2 Week 4: Transcending the Genre

So week 4 was 1:1 tutorials. I was privileged to pitch my 15 minute short film Piano to the course leader.

I had already decided to rewrite my female character as a law student without being an escort. The story itself is already a metaphor for consent. Nuff said.

I pitched it as a romantic comedy, even though in my short, as in Notting Hill, rather than the two central characters sharing equal screen, time narrative weight seemed to favor the boy.

So it was suggested to perhaps pitch it as a personal drama with a comedic tone. That way I won’t have to worry about giving the two central characters equal screen time, but can focus on the learning curve of the male character – learning his lesson at the feet of the woman he loves – following his journey.

I checked the defining qualities of the personal inner drama genre as per Philip Parker‘s breakdown and decided that my story fits.

John Truby (22 Steps of a Master Storyteller) teaches about transcending the genre.

The reading this week was Alternative Screenwriting, one of the chapters is called ‘Working against Genre.’

So, my task this week is to pitch this story as a personal inner drama with elements of the rom com, and, importantly, to be specific about which elements of each genre.

And then, record and upload it for grading.

After that, my task will be to ensure the want and need of my hero is in place. Not only that, but to ensure that the climax happens like this:

The Hero has a moral revelation of his ‘need’. The revelation causes him to take new moral action. As a result of this change my hero is able to achieve his goal.

So, my second task this week is to ensure my hero’s outward physical goal and inner need is set in stone in my mind.

What are your tasks this week?

What do you think?

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