Which characters do we meet in the opening 10 minutes of Peaky Blinders?

There are 12 scenes in the opening ten minutes of Peaky Blinders.

But which characters do we meet?

Are they the protagonist, antagonist, main characters, minor characters or extras?

Scene 1. A Chinese man and a Chinese girl. (Extras).

Scene 2. Thomas. (Protagonist)

Scene 3. Thomas + the Chinese Girl and Chinese Man. (Protagonist + Supporting).

Scene 4. Thomas. (Protagonist)

Scene 5. Thomas. (Protagonist)

Scene 6. Thomas + youngest brother Finn. (Protagonist + Supporting)

Scene 7. Thomas + younger brother John. (Protagonist + Supporting)

Scene  8. Thomas + older brother Arthur. (Protagonist + Main)

Scene 9. C.I Campbell alone. (Main Antagonist)

Scene 10. Freddie Thorne + workers. (Main + Extras)

Scene 11. C.I Campbell alone. (Main Antagonist)

Scene 12. Thomas. (Protagonist)

So, an interesting opening with the Chinese characters considering this is Birmingham 1919.

So, considering the Chinese characters are extras in the opening 10 minutes we actually meet the Protagonist, the Antagonist, 2 main characters and 2 supporting characters.

The Protagonist is Thomas Shelby.

The Antagonist is Chief Inspector Campbell.

The 2 main characters are communist agitator Freddie Thorne and Thomas’ oldest brother Arthur Shelby.

The 2 supporting characters are Thomas’ 2 younger brothers John and Finn.

Here they are in order or appearance: (notice we meet the 4 Shelby brothers first.)

  1. Thomas Shelby.
  2. Finn Shelby.
  3. John Shelby.
  4. Arthur Shelby.
  5. Chief Inspector Campbell.
  6. Freddie Thorne.

Summing up then, we can note 3 important things:

  1. We meet The protagonist.
  2. We meet The Antagonist.
  3. We meet the 4 Shelby brothers first.

Click here for another sneaky peak at Peaky Blinders.


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