X-Files pilot structure – part iv – midpoint / climax

In the last post we noticed that only 1 scene is over 3 minutes (3.13).

Scene 37 – the Climax.

However, scene 16 & 17 either side of the commercial break, are actually one scene.

16. EXT. FOREST 1.48


17. EXT. FOREST 1.15

So, if we join them together they are 1 scene totalling 3.03 minutes.

This scene is just about the midpoint, starting at 20.19 and ending at 23.23. But what happens in the scene to signal the midpoint? And since the midpoint should be a reflection of the climax, it is right that both scenes are 3 minutes. But it’s not enough that the midpoint and the climax are a similar length, there has to be something that happens that is a mirror image. So what happens in this middle scene that is a reflection of the climax?

What do you think?

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