1 THING about WOMEN in the opening 10 minutes of PEAKY BLINDERS.

The opening ten minutes of Steven Knight’s Peaky Blinders is filled with men.

  1. Thomas and his brothers – his Peaky Blinders clan.

2. Freddie Thorne, a communist agitator, Thomas’s brother in arms and his brother-in-law to be.

3. Chief Inspector Campbell.

Who is missing?

Dominant Shelby family matriarch Aunt Polly.

What is Steven Knight saying? Is this an intentional statement about post WW1 England being a ‘man’s world’ ?

There is a huge, female-size hole in the opening ten minutes.

Except, of course, the opening scene, where we see a teenage Chinese immigrant hand a baby over to another barely teenage girl and ask her “Do your tits still have milk?”

But how long will we have to wait for razor-tongued, ferocious family boss Aunt Polly to blaze onto our screen?

Aunt Polly

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