DEXTER Part 1: Scene by Scene

Welcome to my series of posts on DEXTER – The Crafting of an Episode – where we’ll be analyzing one episode in detail over the coming weeks.

The objective? To arm ourselves to write awesome television!

The episode we’re looking at is Season 7 Episode 7.

Please watch first as this analysis will contain SPOILERS!

I’ve begun by listing the scenes in numerical order including scene length,a short description of what happens and the number of characters.

What’s surprised me the most so far is how many scenes have 2 characters. Most scenes.

Feel free to take a quick look at the breakdown and comment.

In future weeks we’ll analyze in much more detail, scene by scene. We’ll look at characters, plots and subplots, action and dialogue, use of subtext, story world, motifs, goals, needs, morals and theme.

Here’s the scene by scene breakdown: DEXTER – Season 7 Episode 7

Hold tight – it’s gonna be a breathtaking ride!

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