Strike: Trouble Blood episode analysis – structure part 2.

This 57 minute episode appears to be written in 3 acts. In the first post we looked at Act 1.

Here is the scene breakdown for Act 2.

Scene No. / Scene time.

13. 17.05 – 20.26 Strike & Robin meet Anna Phipps to discuss case and money.

14. 20.26 – 21.26 Strike and Robin in car, contact Det. Inspector (foreshadow to act 3).

15. 21.27 – 23.20 Strike and Robin visit Margot’s co-worker, discuss equal pay strikes

16. 23.20 – 24.20 Flashback to bunny girl men’s club.

17. 24.20 – 26.22 Continue flashback with friend’s VO. Erotic scene.

18. 26.22 – 27.34 Continue scene 15. Shows erotic painting of Margot by artist.

19. 27.34 – 28.17 Flashback artist fight with Margot about erotic photos.

20. 28.17 – 28.49 Cont. scene 15.

21. 28.49 – 29.51 Cont. flashback

22. 29.51 – 30.54 Cont. scene 15

What is interesting here is that, contrary to Act 1, there is no B story relating to the romantic relationship between Strike and Robin. Act 2 is dedicated solely to solving the case.

What is also interesting to note is the way the act is structured. The protagonists interview people who used to know the missing person back in the seventies. We then witness flashbacks of the missing person’s life, with VO from the person remembering.

Thirdly, women’s rights are again prevalent with regards to women working as ‘bunny girls’ in a club, and a debate about equal pay, which reminded me of the brilliant Made in Dagenham (dir. Nigel Cole, screenwriter William Ivory).

Troubled Blood, dir. Sue Tully, screenwriter Tom Edge.

Based on the books by Robert Galbraith aka JK Rowling.

What do you think?

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