10 things about the X-files pilot –

1. It opens with a mystery to solve.

2. It sets up the believer / sceptic dichotomy.

3. Before the climax the two protagonists finally agree on a theory.

4. Shows differences in character e.g. in the scene on the plane we learn that Scully is scared of turbulence whereas Mulder is fearless.

5. Scenes either

i. present new information

ii. restate already known facts.

iii. provide an outside force that moves the story forward (e.g. a phone call that says Pegg O’Dell is dead).

iv. reveal character

v. ask active questions.

6. We learn of Mulder’s reasons for joining the FBI – that his sister vanished when she was eight and he was twelve.

7. Facts are presented to us but the connections linking the evidence is not spelled out. The audience is left to do the work (and, in my opinion, in this pilot, it doesn’t all make sense).

8. Structurally, there are 42 scenes.

9. The longest scene is the climax.

10. The story begins and ends with the characters going into the woods.

What do you think?

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