High Class

MA reflection Year 1 Mod 2 Week 3.

Next week we have to pitch our idea on video, worth 20% of the mark for this module.

Here is my premise:

When an avaricious ad man discovers his law-student lover has a unique gift for music, he markets her melodies as jingles without her consent. But when she finds out he is profiting from her intellectual property and threatens to sue him, she must decide what’s more important – money or love.

Piano follows the classic romcom boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy gets girl plot. The story centres on the theme of love and, like Notting Hill, follows the journey of the boy.

Thematically, Piano explores transactional relationships and women’s rights issues, including gender equality and consent. David and Liz’s relationship is transactional, as is Holly Hunter’s and Harvey Keitel’s in Jane Campion’s dramatic masterpiece of the same name. David exploits Liz for financial gain. In the end, the power lies with Liz as she is faced with the choice to either sue and destroy her antagonist or love and forgive.

Piano is a dark comedy. Like all good romcoms, our funny bones are tickled from watching Liz and David navigate the awkward moments in their relationship and witnessing their ferocious battle before they recognize that they love each other and clink glasses. As Mark Twain says, the root of comedy is pain. So is the pitch and tone of Piano.

I have to admit I have serious doubts that I can pull off the romcom as a short film, but I will try to enjoy the challenge of trying. The challenge is to write a powerful female character who is intelligent, fiery, self-aware at the same as being mischievous and cunning, and who refuses to be controlled by a man.

Thankfully, I have had the privilege of meeting some extraordinary women in my life – and still meet extraordinary women every week. My female protagonist is a masters degree law student and a high class escort. I am sure to be judged on how I portray her on the page, and hopefully, on the screen. Also, there is a sex scene. Yikes!

What is your challenge to yourself on your current project?

What do you think?

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